Title: Episode 62: Circadian Rhythms, Glioblastoma, and Timing in Research(with Lorenzo Lones)

Description: In this episode, our host Ryan Martin is joined by guest and UW-Green Bay alum, Lorenzo Lones. Listen in as they discuss circadian rhythms and glioblastoma, how the present research is conducted, and Lorenzo’s recent TEDx talk. If you have yet to hear Lorenzo’s full story, make sure to check out his Psi Talk, titled “Timing is Everything.”

Episode 61(LIVE): Scary Movies

Info: How do you feel about scary movies? In this special LIVE episode, Dr. Ryan Martin is joined by Dr. Jason Cowell and student Sammy Alger-Feser to discuss scary movies. They dive into their feelings on the genre, common physiological reactions, and why people may or may not choose to watch them!

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Title:Episode 60: Super-Villains on the Couch (with Bryan Carr and Chuck Rybak)

This special LIVE episode was part of the Brown County Library’s 3rd annual Comic-Con! In this cross-over episode our host, Ryan Martin, joins forces with Bryan Carr from Serious Fun and Dr. Chuck Rybak to talk about some of your favorite super-villains. Listen in as they discuss the psychology, mental health, and background of super-villains such as Lex Luthor, Killmonger, and the infamous pairing of the Joker and Harley Quinn!
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Episode 57: Zimbardo, the Replication Crisis, and the Science of Psychology

In this episode, Dr. Regan Gurung discusses recent developments regarding the Stanford Prison Experiment along with the “Replication Crisis” in the field of psychology. Plus, we introduce a new segment called “What’s Good.”


Episode 56: Psychology and Pop Culture (LIVE)

In this LIVE episode we have a special guest host, Bryan Carr, from another Phoenix Studio Podcast, Serious Fun. Bryan Carr talks with our panel of guests, four of the UWGB Psychology faculty Drs. Ryan Martin, Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Janna Fogaca, and Regan Gurung. The panel discusses numerous psychology pop culture topics from different books, TV shows, and movies of their choosing.