Here’s What’s Coming Up, UWGBpsych Students

Well, spring semester classes start in 5 Days, 12 Hours, 14 minutes, and 38 seconds (but who’s counting).  Here are just a handful of the things you have to look forward to next week:

  1. Weekly Podcasts (now available on ITunes): By request, a new episode of our podcast, Psychology and Stuff, will drop every Thursday afternoon.  Our first guests, Dr. Kate Burns and Allee Schramm, will talk about Stereotype Threat, other research they’ve done, and more.
  2. Featured Students/Alumni: Each Monday, we’ll feature one of our students or alum on the blog so you can get to know a little bit about what they’ve done, what their plans are, and what they hope to accomplish before they graduate.  First up, recent UWGB Psychology Rock Star Winner, Sarah Busko.
  3. Upcoming talk, Intersecting HEARTS: Health, Emotions And RelaTionShips: On February 11th at 5pm in the Alumni Rooms, the Psychology and Human Development Club is sponsoring a talk by Dr. Reed, a post-doctoral scholar in Psychology at the University of Kentucky.  She will be talking about how human health – both psychological and physical – is intricately linked to our close relationships.
  4. The PSI Talks Videos: Remember those incredible talks from UWGB Psychology students and alumni last semester? Well, we’ve got the videos and we’ll be releasing them off and on throughout the semester.  First up, Allie Nelson, and her fascinating talk on social media.
  5. Even More From the Student Orgs: Keep an eye out for even more great programming from the Psychology and Human Development Club and Psi Chi.  Fun events, volunteer opportunities, presentations, and more on the way.  Stay up to date with them by downloading the app via iTunes or Google Play.

Meet The Psych Report

The Psych Report is the Newsletter for the Psychology program at UW-Green Bay. If you look around a bit, you’ll find it’s more than just a newsletter. Here are the highlights:

  • Upcoming Events: A place you can go to see all the upcoming events the psych program or our student orgs have to offer.
  • Psychology Student Org Info: Both Psi Chi and the PHD Club have homes here. You can meet the current officers, watch a little movie on why you should get involved, or find out how to get involved.
  • Career Show/Grad School Show/Podcast: We have two Youtube shows, Psyched for Careers and Psyched for Graduate School, and a podcast, Psychology and Stuff. Each of these has a page with tons of information about what they are and why you should give them a listen. Likewise, we archive our previous episodes there so you can go back and give them a watch/listen.
  • Easy Links to All our Social Networking Sites: Up on the right side of the page, you’ll see links to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can easily check out what we are up to.
  • All of Our Videos in One Place: We make a lot of videos. Some are informative, some are inspiring, and some are just for fun. Regardless, we put them all in one place for you to check out.
  • Categories for Posts: Finally, if you’re searching for posts on particular topics (e.g., career info, registration info), you can click just on the category over there on the right. That will take you just to information about that topic.

The 2015 Psych Star Awards

We’re excited to announce the first ever Psych Star Awards, to be awarded at the end of the Fall 2015 semester.

  • Psych Research Star
  • Psych Service Star
  • Psych Rising Star
  • Psych Rock Star

Be on the lookout for more information on the awards, including the nomination and selection process. All declared psychology majors will receive an email with the award criteria and nomination and selection process later this week.

Don’t Forget to Download the App

It’s no secret but there’s a UWGB Psychology app, available through ITunes and Google Play.  There’s event information, links to videos and podcasts, information on how to get involved, and more. Use the links above to go directly to it or search for “UWGB Psychology” in ITunes or Google Play.

If you already have use the app, tell us what you think by giving it a grade (and feel free to expand on your grade in the comments section below)?

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Psychology, Service, Inquiry: PSI Talks

Do you have powerful ideas that are worth spreading? If so, here’s an opportunity to share those ideas as a PSI Talk!  The UWGB Psychology Program would like to invite you to apply to do a short, 8 to 10 minute, presentation on an aspect of psychology as part of PSI Talks, an event we are hosting on December 7th, 2015 at 7:00pm.  This event will include five engaging and thought provoking student and alumni presentations, followed by a reception.

Possible topic areas for talks might include:

  • a meaningful personal experience you have had that can be connected to psychological concepts
  • service you have done for the community or on campus that is connected to your psychology education (e.g., an internship or volunteer experience)
  • a way that you use psychology in your work or your career
  • a review of a psychological concept or literature and how it is relevant to everyday life
  • original research you have conducted as a Research Assistant, Honors Student, or in class

The PSI Talks will be held On Monday, December 7th, 2015 at 7:00pm in Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center.

To be considered, you must:

  • be a UW-Green Bay Psychology major or a graduate of the UW-Green Bay Psychology program,
  • submit a 200-word abstract describing your talk, and
  • provide the name of a UW-Green Bay Psychology faculty member who would be willing to endorse your talk and supervise your talk if you are selected.

Please email the following information to Dr. Ryan Martin ( by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 16th.  We will then select semi-finalists who will meet with the selection committee for a brief interview the week of the October 26th.  The final presenters will be identified and notified that week.  Continue reading

UWGBpsych 2014-15 End-of-the-Year Review

It’s been a big year and we wanted to take some time at the end here to recap the awesome things our students and faculty did in 2014-15.