Episode 37: Celebrating Student Research 2017 Edition

In this episode, Annemarie Schwery and Allee Schramm interview five different students about their research on topics related to stigma, exercise, parental attention and more. These six students (Michelle McChesney, Allee Schramm, Annemarie Schwery, Katrina Weber, Kennedy Wendt) represent just a few of the more than 35 UWGB Psychology students who will be presenting their work at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference.

Episode 36 (LIVE): Creativity, Mental Illness, and Art Therapy

In this special LIVE episode, Alison Gates, Sawa Senzaki, Casey Coughlin, and Ryan Martin talk about the complicated relationship between creativity and mental illness. We also discuss the new Pre-Art Therapy Program at UW-Green Bay (learn more here: http://catalog.uwgb.edu/undergraduate/programs/art/major/pre-art/ ).