Episode 57: Zimbardo, the Replication Crisis, and the Science of Psychology

In this episode, Dr. Regan Gurung discusses recent developments regarding the Stanford Prison Experiment along with the “Replication Crisis” in the field of psychology. Plus, we introduce a new segment called “What’s Good.”


#GetPsychedGB: Five Things To Do This Week

It’s that time of year again, when we tell you all the reasons why you should get active and involved with the psychology major at UW-Green Bay and all the ways to do it.

We’ll start with five things you should do this week:

  1. Download the free UWGB Psychology App, available Capturethrough ITunes and Google Play. Use these links to go directly to it or search for “UWGB Psychology.”
  2. Stop by OrgSmorg on Wednesday, 1/31, from 10 to 2 in the Phoenix Rooms at the Union and check out the Psych and Human Development Club and Psi Chi Booths.  Get your picture taken and be entered into a drawing for a UWGB Psychology T-Shirt.
  3. Find out what the two student orgs are up to on the “Events” page of this blog or through the App.
  4. Look at the five types of Individualized Learning Experiences we offer and make decisions about what you can do, what you would like to do, and when you might like to do them.  These are important experiences but they are competitive and require some planning ahead.
  5. Check out UWGBpsych on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to see what we’re up to.

New Poll: Which of these reactions have you heard when you tell people you study psychology?


Which of these reactions have you heard when you tell people you study psychology (check all that apply)?

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Five Ways to Absolutely Crush Registration Next Week

Want to do registration right?  Do these 5 things and you’ll own it.

  1. Know Your Registration Time Slot and Plan Ahead: Spring registration starts on October 30th, but not everyone gets to register right at 8:00 am that Monday morning.  Most of you will need to wait until your specific enrollment appointment time.  Find your enrollment appointment time (along with some other tips) by following the instructions on this page.
  2. Understand SIS: Want to know what General Education Courses you still need to take?  Wondering if you have taken all the courses for your minor?  There’s an easy way to answer those questions and it’s to take a look at your SIS report.  If you aren’t sure how to find or read your SIS report, this 4-minute tutorial will give you the basics. That said, the best way to figure out what classes you need to take is to meet with your faculty advisor (the name of that person can also be found on SIS).
  3. Know About the Human Development and Psychology Want Ads and PRO (powered by Handshake):  Interested in doing a research or teaching assistantship and want to know what is available.  Psychology faculty often post information about research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and internships on the Human Development and Psychology Want Ads.  Additionally, many community internships are posted on PRO (Phoenix Recruitment Online) through UWGB Career Services (check out this video on PRO).  Make sure to check there too.
  4. Stats First… Then Research Methods: And this will serve as our semesterly reminder to that you need to meet your statistics and research methods requirements early because research methods (PSYCH 300) is a prerequisite for about half of our upper-level psych courses.  We recommend you take COMM SCI 205 (Social Science Statistics) as soon as you can and take PSYCH 300 (Research Methods in Psychology) the semester after that.  This will open the door for you to take most of our other upper-level courses when you’re done.
  5. Meet With Your Advisor: All these tips are good… but, honestly, if you really want to crush registration, you should meet with your advisor.  He or she is the best person to talk you through registration, career advising, and help you make sure you are on track to graduate.  You can find your advisor’s name through SIS (see above) and you can find his or her officer hours right here.

To sum up, meeting with your advisor is important.  Just ask these Smug Psychology Students.

How Many of These Psychology-Related Books Have You Read?

Out featured students and alumni have been listing their favorite psychology-books. Which of them have you read (check all that apply)?

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