Art & Ecology

This project will explore designing, testing, making and using ceramic vessels as underground and above-ground water retention and dispersal devices. To be applied for use in urban gardens where water conservation is a concern and water application and dispersal could be regulated to gain better results for food production.

The ultimate goal would be to devise a system of making and teaching in order to be able to deliver these skills to urban farmers to build and utilize these water conservation devices using local clays and making and firing on site.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Students would be asked to:

  1. Design, develop, and test clay bodies for use in producing in project.
  2. Design and test forms for vessels that would best meet criteria of water retention/dispersal.
  3. Design and develop methods of production of vessels that can be customized to fit specific needs of gardens needs and crops desired to be grown.
  4. Design and develop methods and tools to measure and test devices efficacy in the field.
  5. Develop ideas and strategies for on-site production methods.
  6. Develop format and structure to teach community participants how to produce their own systems

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