Art Cycle Green Bay

The 2 main objectives of the Art Cycle Milwaukee project are to:

  1. Design and build a mobile art making platform that is bicycle-based.
  2. Develop appropriate performance programming to take this art making into public space in Milwaukee

We have already branded the project and have an initial website up and running at .

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Research of modified bicycles, specifically richshaws and other 3-wheeled bicycles
  2. Designing the modular art stations for metal work, ceramics and print-making that will attach to this bicycle
  3. Welding and construction of the bicycle and the 3 modular work stations
  4. Researching the Milwaukee bicycle culture and the community art events scene
  5. Develop branding materials for the Art Cycle project including a logo and mission statement
  6. Building a social network for the Art Cycle project to schedule public performances
  7. Participate in public interactive events riding and creating art in the city of Milwaukee

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