Advancing Reading and Math through Art

This is a federally granted project pertaining to the program arts in education model development and dissemination grant. Its goal is to increase student achievement in Literacy and Math through a project-based curriculum centered on Studio Thinking Habits of Mind and art into Reading, Language Arts and Math subject areas. The project site is Bruce-Guadalupe Community School (BGCS), a K3-8th grade University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee charter school located in the near south side of Green Bay, WI. The project has five objectives:

  1. Improve students performance in Math and Language through art
  2. Improve students studio practice
  3. Improve teachers skills on curriculum integration
  4. Improve students’ understanding of cultural arts
  5. The project follows a pseudo-experimental methodology that includes retracing and interpreting existing data of MAP tests, clinic observations of instruction and student work directed by rubrics, and teachers’ journal

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Students will participate in teacher-clinics and will participate with teachers at BGCS in parallel curriculum planning
  • Students will provide instructional support to BGCS teachers during the implementation of project during Fall 2011
  • Students will help in the preparation of lessons
  • Students will participate in the process of reflection by taking fieldnotes in a journal
  • Students will help in the assessment of BGCS

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