Watch the Transformation of Clothing at the Showcase
Audience Judges top 3 winners, a picture of the old garment will be posted so that everyone can see the transformation.
The purpose is so that garments do not find their way into the landfill. The goal is to REUSE and RECYCLE – the ultimate in waste reduction!

Participate by Upcycling a piece of Clothing
Articles of clothing will be made available in the Office of Student Life UU150. The textiles will come from Goodwill, and they will be washed. Students or UWGB faculty/staff may come and pick up a piece of clothing for FREE with the idea of Upcycling it, which means converting the clothing into a new creative and wearable product. We will take a picture of the original article of clothing on the person whom is going to transform it.
If you have your own piece of clothing you would like to transform, just take a picture of yourself in it and send it to Stephanie Kaponya Program Coordinator, Office of Student Life, at

There are no real rules you can make what you like, and you can add embellishments.
We are looking for a transformation of the garment.
Prizes will be given to the top three transformations, and they are $30, $20, and $10 to Goodwill.

This is a fun event in which we keep some textiles out of the landfill and get new clothes at the same time!

This program was inspired by
Sponsored by: Student Life and Recycle Mania Week