Campus Twelcome #UWGB2015

just add the uwgb2015 to your tweets to get on the jumbotron

Tomorrow during Campus Welcome (between 2:45-3pm CST) we are going to display the tweets that are using the #UWGB2015 hashtag on the jumbotron.

It’s an opportunity for you to welcome first-year students, give advice, promote your campus events, let them know what you do, etc.

If you are interested, PLEASE play along.

It will be displayed as a twitter fall… think around 3 tweets will be displayed, as new ones come in, the bottom one is bumped off the screen. The more tweets, the better.

If you have a twitter app installed on a smartphone and are attending Campus Welcome, you can tweet from the Kress and watch it hit the board in real-time. If you are off-site, you can monitor the chatter here: — just need to use the #UWGB2015 hashtag in your tweets to make it work.


Over 600 tweets generated (includes RTs), here are few:

tweets from campus welcome
hashtag on the jumbotron