Online Harvest Festival

From the Drafts: 11/23/2011

On the eve of Thanksgiving, the best harvest festival EVER, let’s think about how it works. Grow things, collect things, share things, enjoy things… together.

Not very complex, but we often get it wrong online.

Instead of asking our social web communities for trivial things (likes/follows/RTs), why not ask them for real things that could help strengthen the community. Instead of giving them what we think they want — on our own; let’s help them build what they want — together.

Study spots on campus

This –> The Advising page on facebook asked students to share their favorite study spots. On twitter they asked students to complete a tweet that revealed a secret to successful studying. They harvested the results, mashed it up and made a tasty photo album. A 100% student-generated take on how and where to study.

Grow. Collect. Share. Enjoy… together.

THIS –> This post isn’t about Thanksgiving, it’s about hacking into the idea of Thanksgiving… to make the social web more relatable. Stop thinking of the social web as an online world, start thinking of it as the world. Steal the ideas that make the world so awesome… celebrating events, holding the door open, creating laughter, sharing hope, smiling at a stranger.

It’s simple. Be human. Even if the landscape is digital.


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