My experiences as a social media intern

To start out my internship with Todd Sanders, social media specialist for UW-Green Bay, I was given the responsibility to populate the UWGB Foursquare account and get more students and staff to use it. I began by identifying different lists that users could participate in, including study spaces, campus art and dining locations. I then walked around campus taking photos of all these locations. From there, I had to create each location I was identifying on Foursquare so that our followers could “check-in” to the locations. In addition I took photos of all campus buildings to ensure there were identifying factors attached to each location. I also began leaving tips about locations for followers to add to or participate in. Throughout the semester, we continuously were adding “friends.”

In addition to the Foursquare project, I also assisted with producing videos for Academic Advising with Diploma. We used an actual UWGB diploma and attached eyes to it. It then had conversations with Darrel Renier from Advising in short videos that the office used to connect with students.

I was then a part of a zombie video for Academic Advising. Both students and staff played zombies, which represented students confused about the general education requirements at the University. I played the student running from the zombies, but eventually was caught and turned into a zombie. I met with an academic advisor, and transformed back into a human when I realized the requirements weren’t as difficult as I thought. The final video was put out on the UWGB webpage and Facebook page.

I then began a question and answer video campaign. Through this, I took a video camera out to talk to students. Topics I covered included what do you use social media for, and Thanksgiving plans, traditions, etc. Through this process, I found it was much harder to get students to talk to you than I anticipated. Many students proved to be camera shy and would decline the request to be taped. Some students would be willing to answer questions, but would soon change their mind when they found out I was going to video tape them. I discovered it was easier to find students to talk to in social settings like the Cloud Commons rather than in a high traffic area like the Garden Café. Students on their way to class do not want to be stopped to answer a couple questions. Students who are simply eating, or just hanging out tend to be more perceptive to participating as well, rather than ones that are studying. After finally completely interviews, I got to play around with Premiere Pro, a video editing software, to produce the final project.

I was tasked with the project of creating a video for the Admissions Office to use on Admitted Students Day. After brainstorming ideas, we came up with producing a Student ID video, highlighting the many uses the ID serves on campus. Todd and I identified which uses to highlight, and then I created a large version of a Student ID card, with a box cut out where the headshot should be. Todd and I worked on shooting segments that I would act as the ID. I then rounded up other students to be in the video. After shooting about a dozen locations, Todd and I worked on editing and putting together the video. The final project was included in a welcome email from me to more than 50 prospective students. The video has also been on the UWGB Current Students webpage for more than a month.
I final project for the semester that Todd and I worked on together was a One Day on Campus event. This event included getting photos of different aspects of campus for 24 hours. The idea was to get at least one photo of something on campus every hour for the full 24 hours. We reached out to the campus community for help in order to get more people involved and have a better turnout of photos. We created both a Facebook page for the event, as well as a Twitter hashtag titled #gb1day. Todd and I were awake and on campus for 24 hours straight. We created challenges along the way to get students involved. By the end of the 24 hours we had taken and/or received about 230 photos. The photos were then all compiled into a flickr album for people to view.

In addition to these projects, I was invited to participate in social web meetings throughout the semester, involving various departments around campus who are involved and using social media. Through these meetings, I have gotten to know some extraordinary people and learned so much about the uses of social media.

Many days included a brainstorming session to come up with ideas of how to better incorporate social tools to reach out and connect with the campus community. I enjoyed the experience very much, and learned something new each day from Todd and others involved with social media.

I look forward to continuing the internship for the spring 2012 semester. We have many projects already that will come including a welcome video for Admissions, working with the Weidner Center to use social media, and Commencement. I plan to continue to work with Foursquare and get the campus community more involved with these types of tools.

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Senior communication major at UW-Green Bay emphasizing in journalism and public relations. Graduating in May 2012 with hopes of getting a job in TV journalism and eventually making my way to PR. Current managing editor of the Fourth Estate newspaper on campus, University Union building manager, and UWGB ambassador.

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  1. Excellent work so far. I’m looking forward to your second semester in the social media internship and seeing what new projects and challenges you’re working on!

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