I got my baby back!

After a few days of panic, my four year old has been returned. Unharmed, as if nothing had happened. The only thing that suffered during the ordeal…my nerves. Not knowing what was going on, what was going to happen. Thinking of the worst case scenario, over and over and over…

According to a comment from my new, favorite Facebook employee:

This was a technical issue on our part and is now resolved. These Pages should go back to normal when the fix gets pushed out. Thank you! -Nicci

No, Nicci, thank YOU!

Even better, the Community Page now includes a “Did you mean UWGB?” link that goes to our official page. THAT is a wonderful surprise. Sort of like the kidnapper took my kid for a haircut before returning him. Looking good, son!

official university facebook page is no longer a community page

A huge thanks to the higher ed community for not remaining silent — not waiting for things to get better on their own — tweeting, blogging, attempting to get an answer. Writing on the castle’s wall with the hope that the king would venture out and notice. Did it work? It remains a mystery, but it definitely didn’t hurt.

And Nicci, I dedicate this song to you! I didn’t want to go the Bette Middler “Wind Beneath My Wings” route, so the metaphor gets a little sketchy. I’m Jennifer Love Hewitt, you’re Enrique and the role of “naughty” Facebook is played by Mickey Rourke. Thanks for not only fixing the problem, but for taking the time to leave a comment. I now feel a little less alone… you’re my hero.

9 thoughts on “I got my baby back!

  1. Even Facebook doesn’t want to mess with half the team that blew away the Mercedes-Benz Twitter race last year. :)

  2. Our official page https://www.facebook.com/STLCC.FP is still listed as a community page and I have had no success in getting straightened out.

    I wanted to add one observation that may or may not be relevant. We have several official pages. only one has a number of competing pages that are mostly auto-generated by Facebook when someone claims a slightly different name of where they went to school. This is the only page that was demoted from official (and yes, Patrick Powers, it was listed as official). The others seems to be sailing along smoothly.

    I have had no luck in trying to get the official page recognized as it does not show up in the list of options when I try to select the right one.

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