16 ideas I’ve yet to have, but would like to share

I have lots of ideas on higher ed and the social web. Most of the time they are buried in conversations on twitter, left as replies to blog posts someone else has penned, hidden in a super secret facebook group of super awesome secret people, or bounced around my skull until the energy of the idea is exhausted.

I’d like to capture those ideas.
I’d like to share those ideas.
I’d like to blog.

If you were to look at this blog, you’d think I only have 3 thoughts a year. That is not true. I shower and drive just about everyday, and everyone knows that ideas live in the air of bathrooms (non-public ones) and automobiles (especially fancy ones). I have lots of time to breathe and think. Now I’d like to make time to document those thoughts.

Challenge: 4 “quality” blog posts about higher ed and the social web a month for the next 4 months (Jan-April 2013)

Feel free to call me out on this. Especially the quality part. Serious.

To the new year! #oddyears

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