Launch Party Fall 2015

Our latest issue of Sheepshead Review is nearly ready! Feel free to join us on December 9 in the Weidner Center lobby from 3:00-4:30 for our official launch party. There will be food and refreshments, readings of the content, and a chance to meet many of the authors and artists featured in this wonderful issue!

Sheepshead Revue: Volume 14 No 2, Spr...

To close out the decade, this is the last journal I will be reviewing from the 80’s. It’s also the last issue I’m reviewing that was published in newspaper format. And for some reason, we are back to being known as Sheepshead Revue, instead of Review. The first poem, “College Life” by Jenyfer Finstrom is a dramatic tale of […]

What Happened to Charlie?

Hey everyone, I’m back with the update on the conclusion my last post ended with, and here to tell you about what happened to Charlie! Unfortunately, it’s not a happy ending. He didn’t die or anything like that, but on his speed high he showed Hank some completely senseless, meaningless poems he wrote. The most […]

Sheepshead Review- 1985

This issue of Sheepshead Review definitely has the most interesting cover I’ve ever seen. I can imagine the staff back in the day fighting over whether to put these hilarious photos on the cover, or something more serious. The photos make absolutely no sense and Mr. Yak Man’s shirt says “inspire one another” on the back. […]

Sheepshead Review: May 1982

      Poetry: “Perspectives” by John Pigeon is a poem about how people notice these seemingly insignificant yet mesmerizing characteristics in each other that are never seen in themselves. I am under the impression that the poem is about a couple, and although it seemed sweet at first, I wonder why the two are zoning out […]

Spooky Halloween Photography Special!

Hey everyone! For this week’s Countdown to the 50th, I will be sharing with you guys some spooky themed photos from the 1983 issue of Sheepshead Review, in honor of Halloween! This issue as a whole really stood out as having amazing photography, and a lot of the photos had a creepy vibe to them. Get […]

Welcome to the 80s

Hey everyone! This week, I will be reviewing the first issue of Sheepshead Review that was published in the 80s! Right from the cover (pictured above), we can tell that the 80s was the start of a new and innovative time for technology. Both the futuristic font and the upgrade from a typewriter to a personal […]

Sheepshead Revue- May 1978

This week, we are throwing it back with the Vol. 4 No. 2 May 1978 issue of Sheepshead Revue, from Sheepshead’s third year in existence. The fiction piece I decided to review for this issue is titled “The Cell” by Carol Nozel Hyde. It’s about a woman, Janet, who shot her abusive husband and is now […]

The First Sheepshead Revue

Sheepshead Revue has come along way since the first issue was published in February 1975! But every great work has to start from humble beginnings, right? This first issue had about 5-10 works in each of the categories and a total of fourteen pages, much less than what we have today. The visual arts pieces […]

Countdown to 50

In honor of UW Green Bay’s 50th anniversary, we will be reviewing issues of Sheepshead Review (or as it was formerly spelled, Sheepshead Revue) from years past. For years after the first issue was published in 1975, Sheepshead Revue was printed on newspaper and each issue was only around 15 pages. The Nonfiction section was […]