Not Always a High Note

When writing, you attempt to come up with a great attention getter that will eventually lead to a epic climax in your story but usually these stories are disconnected from you, they are not nonfiction. Not all writing is fake,

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Need a Reading Suggestion?

So many books to read, so little time. I’m about to suggest one to you that is definitely worth the time; an extremely fascinating (and true) story about courage, love, and oh yeah, bombing Nazis. Whose interest isn’t even slightly

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Our Deadline Has Been Extended!

Our new deadline is February 22nd!  Please send us your Visual Arts, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Rising Phoenix is always in need of submissions, so UWGB students please send us Flash Prose, Novel 1st Chapter, Visual Arts, and Poetry. We really encourage

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Rising Phoenix Now: 2012-14

We have finally reached the most recent issues with the Rising Phoenix Contest. These issues also mark a change in what what put on the cover. As said in the previous post, we decided to not put the Visual Arts

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Once again the most hated or the most loved day has arrived. For those who are stuck hours and miles away from their loved one, this day can drag on. So in order to make those passing minutes fly by

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We’re on YouTube!

Thanks to our awesome Social Media Editor Katelyn Staaben we, Sheepshead Review, now have a YouTube channel which you can access here. Have a great day, The Shepherd

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Our Deadline is Approaching Fast!

Don’t forget to send in your piece(s) for the Spring 2015 issue of Sheepshead Review! The deadline is February 15, 2015 You can submit here and find out more information here as well. Wishing all of you luck, The Shepherd

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Rising Phoenix Contest: 2009-2011

These three issues mark the three final times the Visual Arts winner’s piece was put on the cover of Sheepshead Review. (The 2010 cover doesn’t show whole photo) The judge for the 2009 Visual Arts category, Joe Heller, said “The use

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Rising Phoenix Contest: Blast from the Past

Between spring 2007 and spring 2008, Sheepshead Review went through a couple of changes: color was introduced to the whole journal and two more categories were added to the contest. Here are the covers from the Spring 2007 issue (left) and the

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Rising Phoenix Contest: The Beginning

During the year the historic social networking site Facebook launched, Sheepshead Review decided to shake things up and launch the first-ever Rising Phoenix Contest! Now unlike the categories today, there were only two back in 2004. Sheepshead Review had a winner for

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