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Sheepshead Review publishes both a Spring and Fall issue each featuring both written and visual arts.

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Rising Phoenix Contest

Each spring, the best submission in each category is chosen by an outside judge and featured in the journals.


Sheepshead History

Curious why we're called "Sheepshead?" We have an interesting history...

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Have you written a poem, short story, non-fiction piece, or first chapter? Painted, photographed, or drawn something amazing? SUBMIT!


Sheepshead Revue- May 1978

This week, we are throwing it back with the Vol. 4 No. 2 May 1978 issue of Sheepshead Revue, from Sheepshead’s third year in existence. The fiction piece I decided to review for this issue is titled “The Cell” by Carol Nozel Hyde. It’s about a woman, Janet, who shot her abusive husband and is now […]

The First Sheepshead Revue

Sheepshead Revue has come along way since the first issue was published in February 1975! But every great work has to start from humble beginnings, right? This first issue had about 5-10 works in each of the categories and a total of fourteen pages, much less than what we have today. The visual arts pieces […]

Countdown to 50

In honor of UW Green Bay’s 50th anniversary, we will be reviewing issues of Sheepshead Review (or as it was formerly spelled, Sheepshead Revue) from years past. For years after the first issue was published in 1975, Sheepshead Revue was printed on newspaper and each issue was only around 15 pages. The Nonfiction section was […]

The Clock is Ticking!

Hey everybody! We have been reviewing your submissions and are so excited about the works that have come in, but we still need more amazing submissions to make this issue as jam packed with great content as possible!  Our visual arts and nonfiction sections are most in need of your submissions, but all of our […]

Follow Us!

Sheepshead Review is proud to announce, not only do we have Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, we now have an Instagram account. Follow us as the countdown to our October 4 deadline looms closer. The Shepherd

Looking at Submissions

Hi everyone, Our staff is digging into the submissions we’ve gotten from far and wide. Don’t forget you still have time to submit since our deadline is October 4th! We are in need of UWGB student work in all of our categories: Fiction Nonfiction Poetry Visual Arts However, if you’re not a UWGB student, your […]

Welcome Back!

Hi everyone! I hope summer went well. Another school year has found its way back into our lives here at UW- Green Bay and this time it’s big. Our university is celebrating 50 years! Crazy, right? I have a feeling we will have some interesting 50-year themed activities going on here at Sheepshead Review. But for […]

Spring 2015 Rising Phoenix Poetry Win...

Soon the Spring 2015 issue of Sheepshead Review will be hitting Common Grounds Coffee Shop and you, the lovely readers, will get to see all of the hard work we put into picking the right pieces. One of our submitters, Alexander Opgenorth, was lucky enough to have two pieces accepted: “A Time to Steal” and “Last […]

Launch Party Spring 2015

Just letting everyone know we are less than one week away from our Spring 2015 launch party! It will be held in the Common Grounds Coffee Shop from 2:00-4:00 p.m. So feel free to stop in, get some coffee, pick up a journal, and mingle with staffers and submitters. Have a great day, The Shepherd

AWP Conference 2015

Imagine a place filled with like-minded individuals, all in love with literature and writing, surrounded by a football field-sized fair with books, publishers, journals and more books. This is exactly what I experienced during my time at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. last week. Why does AWP matter, […]