Fiction? Fiction!

Hey you! Yeah, you! You have either clicked on this link because you are a devout follower of The Shepherd, and if that is the case, we value your consistency more than you know. However, if you clicked after the word ‘Fiction’ sparked excitement in your semi-cold heart (autumn in Wisconsin can get to the […]

Sheepshead Review is Open for Submiss...

  Looks like it’s that time of year again, Sheepsheaders! We’re excited to announce the opening of our Calls for Submissions! For the Fall 2016 issue, the content we’re looking for should be as wide and varied as the imagination in your art. As usual, we are sticking to our classic genres of Fiction, Nonfiction, […]

The Spring 2016 Issue Is Here!

Thank you for the patience everyone! We’re excited to share that the Spring 2016 issue of Sheepshead Review is now being distributed to the public! The beautifully retro edition of our semi-annually printed journal features an eclectic mix of Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts, all selected by our dedicated staff of undergraduate students. This […]

It’s Fe-Bo-rary!

Ahhh… February. I love February. The sky is either sunny and happy, or cloudy and sleepy, and us sheep are known to be sleepy so I don’t really see a downside here. Winter is a season of absolutes, as they say, and I’m absolutely beaming at this balmy weather. See, usually here in Green Bay, […]

Call for submissions!

Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year again, it’s time to submit. We, the Sheepshead Review, are ready to receive your submissions. As of now, our categories haven’t changed: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Visual Arts. Also our annual Rising Phoenix contest is back for our UWGB students, so make sure you submit to the correct […]

Winter Break is almost Here!

Hello everyone! I’ve found some time to read more submissions from this semester’s Sheepshead Review, and they continue to be amazing! It’s great to see so much talent from our students, as well as see our journal gain popularity and publish work from authors and artists from all over the country! Two of the pieces published […]

An Interview with Lisa Fay Coutley

Our Managing editor, Roberto, got the chance to interview Lisa Fay Coutley, an award winning poet who happens to be an alumna of UW-Green Bay. During her time at UWGB, Coutley was part of the “Sheepshead Revival”, the journal’s staff that brought the issue back to life after it was neglected for a few years in […]

Dr. Meacham’s First Issue

Sheepshead Review’s Volume 24, Issue 1 was published in 2003 after a four year gap where no issues were printed. It also happened to be the first issue that our professor, Dr. Meacham was the advisor for! This issue was 80 pages long and only features the colors black, white, and red on the cover. […]

The Wait is Over

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Volume 38, No 1 of Sheepshead Review is officially published and ready for distribution! Pick up a copy for yourself starting tomorrow at 8am at our distribution table in front of the old Grille. Our table will be run from 8am-4pm through Friday the […]

90s Nostalgia- Sheepshead Revue Editi...

  Welcome to the glorious decade of the 1990’s! Volume 16, no. 1 of Sheepshead Revue was the first issue to be printed like a booklet and not a newspaper. It grew in size from 18 to 64 pages! The advisor switched from Julie King to Jeff Benzow, who is still a design arts professor […]