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Let The Bugle Blow for Bo! Sheepshead...

Dust off your typing fingers and let the words fly, Sheepshead Review is now reading submissions for the new issue! The reading period for Fall 2014 takes place between August 1st and late-October/early-November, so now is the perfect time to get an edge on your competition and be one of the first few to get […]

Launch Recap

We know, we know; the Sheepshead Review launch party is the biggest event of the year, and you missed it. Or maybe you didn’t, but you’re already missing those galaxy cupcakes and the sweet sound of poetry crooned to you by Sheepshead staff and authors over a microphone.   If that’s the case, we’ve got […]

Summer Farewells

We are quite sad it has to be this way.  But the summer is upon us, and as always, the Sheepshead Review office is closing its doors for the break. What does this mean, you might ask? Well, we’ve locked submissions to reduce the average wait time for applicants.  All categories will be temporarily closed […]

Meet the Staff: Poetry

It’s been a few weeks and you’re probably questioning whether or not we have any staff members for genres other than fiction, right? Worry no more; we have some poetry lovers here too! Our delightfully quirky poetry staff occupies themselves with coffee and doughnuts in their “free time” and are collectively passionate about finding the […]

A New Venture

Do you find yourself drawn to gazing skyward, grimly pondering the tarry night heavens as your woolly charges mill around you?  So do we. But mostly we want to introduce our new blog, “The Shepherd”.   What is The Shepherd you might ask? The Shepherd is a blog dedicated to the readers and fans of […]