Summer Farewells

We are quite sad it has to be this way.  But the summer is upon us, and as always, the Sheepshead Review office is closing its doors for the break.

What does this mean, you might ask?

Well, we’ve locked submissions to reduce the average wait time for applicants.  All categories will be temporarily closed while we skip town; they open again August first, though anything that slipped in the window before we shut down will be considered as usual.

But the staff of our bi-annual publication have gone on break every year.  What does this mean for The Shepherd and the Sheepshead Review’s web ventures?

Sadly, we can’t stick around.   Every summer the student staff scatters to the four corners of the wind.  Many of us will be graduating and moving on, this semester especially.  We know. We’ll miss you too.

But before we left we arranged to keep those warm fuzzy feelings going in our absence.  We have a new tumblr set up to feed you Sheepshead Review stories and info through the dry weeks of August.  And The Shepherd will be updating every other Thursday this summer.

We hope to keep the hearth lit till the next crew comes on deck.

It’s been a pleasure.

The Shepherd: Editor in Chief

Patrick Mares


Image Credit | Patrick Mares