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Hi, we’re “The Shepherd.” You know that that odd little button on the website between our “About” and “Contact Us” pages? That’s where we live. Or maybe you found us through the tireless efforts of our Social Media Editor, Paul Malcore. This is all a little meta really.

However, we aren’t the only ones pulling at the controls of the Sheepshead Review’s digital levers.  We have a Social Media Editor in charge of our Facebook and Twitter accounts and the Web Design Editor responsible for the main site working alongside us.  Our own staff currently consists of a Chief Blog Editor, a Secondary Blog Editor, and a remarkable cadre of blog staff writers.  And we all work together to keep the machine going.

Our web team is dedicated to ensuring the Sheepshead Review has as engaging a presence online as it does on the printed page.  Our Social Media Editor strives to grow our audience and keep them in the loop, while our Blog and Web Design teams work together to keep our home site fresh and full of interesting material. We are also currently considering a tumblr, and  depending on a couple factors might have that up and running by the end of the spring active period.

As for The Shepherd, we’re here to give anyone who is or might be interested in the Sheepshead Review something to read every week, even when you’ve polished off our biannual publications. We cover anything related to journal activity, tidbits on writing, interviews with professionals in related fields, and new and evolving digital media forms. The Shepherd intends to provide interesting and useful information for those of you already following the journal and function as an attractive entry point for anyone who isn’t.  We’re the Sheepshead Review’s newest staff, but we hope to be with you for a long time to come.

Pictured above is the entire web staff including web and blog editors, and blog writers. Not pictured is our fabulous photographer Sarah Long. Maybe we’ll publish some selfies with her in them sometime.


Photo Credit: Sarah Long

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