Meet the Staff: Vis Arts

It’s that time of the week again; the time where you get to see the faces of some of our staff members!

We’re hard at work preparing for the launch of our second issue for the thirty-sixth volume but the Visual Arts staff took some time out to get goofy. Over the years we’ve seen everything from watercolors and furniture to photographs and oil and every type of medium is appreciated for consideration.


Here’s what the people on the left side of your screen searched for over the course of our selection period:

“We’re looking for unique works of art to tell a visual story. We want stuff that will make people think. We want to find that weird or intriguing piece that stands apart from things you see in your mom’s yearly calendars. Show us something we’ve never seen before! We’d love to ponder over your sculptures, watercolor paintings, photography and pretty much anything else that’s visual and artsy.”


Not pictured: Genre editor, Sarah Long

You may remember the portfolio of ink drawings in the first issue of this volume and we’re bringing the portfolio back for round two! We had a special submission category for the Rising Phoenix award in this genre: the winning student is getting an entire portfolio published instead of just a single work.  Stay tuned to find out what Jon Crispin chose as his favorite collection.

So send us your masses of brilliant art work and help volume thirty seven shine brighter than ever! Students looking to join this staff in the fall need to have a sense of humor and an appreciation for brightly colored clothing. Additionally, a love for all creatures big and sheep is appreciated.

Your #1 fan,


Photo credit: Sarah Long


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