Meet the Staff: Print

IMG_7607We hope by now that you’ve been able to get your hands on a copy the Spring 2014 issue. In our not so humble opinion, it’s pretty awesome. Here’s a little information about the people who made it all possible.

The print staff is made up of the genre editors, a layout editor, a managing editor, copy editing staff, and some assistant editors. We also had a person managing our Rising Phoenix contest who was responsible for finding judges for the categories and organizing subs to go to the judges. Each genre editor assigned pieces from the slush pile for their staffs to read and discuss each week; once the pieces were selected for the magazine, the student submissions were sent along to judges to determine Rising Phoenix winners. After all the works were selected, copy editors worked tirelessly to fix issues with spelling, punctuation, and verb tense, among other issues.


Editor if Chief: Angel Campbell

Internal layout is decided on after the final selections have been made; the cover design was decided on during the process of selecting content. The layout editor was also responsible for selecting the drop quotes you saw in the current issue, as well as the color scheme and almost every cosmetic detail.

Overseeing all operations was the Editor in Chief, Angel Campbell. After several semesters on staff she stepped up as a fearless leader to create one of the best looking journals we have ever produced.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our journal this year, we hope to see you reading, submitting, or becoming a member of our staff in the future.

Happy Summer from our green pasture to yours,



As always, photo credit to Sarah Long.