Meet the Staff: Poetry


It’s been a few weeks and you’re probably questioning whether or not we have any staff members for genres other than fiction, right? Worry no more; we have some poetry lovers here too!

Our delightfully quirky poetry staff occupies themselves with coffee and doughnuts in their “free time” and are collectively passionate about finding the best possible content to represent the upcoming issue. Here’s what they’re looking for this spring:

“The Poetry staff of Sheepshead Review strives to collect and display for its audience works of poetry that are, all at once, experimental, vividly detailed, meticulously put together, and accessible to a wide range of audiences. We prioritize verse with the ability to capture the thinking of our readers, as well as those that are willing to make a bold and unconventional statement for not only the sake of the poets who submit to us, but for the readers as well. As an undergraduate literary publication, we always pay close attention to the rising creative voices of our community as well, and always appreciate submissions from our local students.”

We are no longer accepting poetry submissions for the current issue but would love to see your best verse waiting for us in our slush pile next fall. As always, Sheepshead Review needs students to join the staff for the Fall 2014 issue. Requirements for being part of the poetry staff include a love of flannel shirts and an interest in broody Alternative music.




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Photo Credit: Sarah Long

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