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So you submitted a flash fiction piece in January and haven’t heard back about it yet. Who are the people taking so long to accept your masterpiece? For the first time ever we’re showing you their faces. Introducing the Spring 2014 Fiction Staff! With thousands of pages to read before the issue goes to print, they are looking for something special to share with readers.  Here’s what the fiction staff wants from you:


“As the Fiction Staff of Sheepshead Review we love reading excellent fiction. Whether it is romance, science fiction, or mystery, there is no real preference.  We are looking for diverse submissions from diverse authors. Every story sent to us should be well researched, respectful, and conscientious. Well-written stories excite us, so please proof read. Full plots and strong characters are key.

This doesn’t mean every single detail needs to be included; quality before quantity please. We want to feel a connection to your story, even if we don’t necessarily like your main character. We want there to be a strong emotional core and depth. We like unusual stories that employ unique viewpoints and styles of writing. We really want submissions that beautifully execute the full potential of the ideas within.

The best way to understand what we are looking for is to read an issue of our journal.  Although our staff changes sometimes, our excitement for excellent fiction doesn’t.”

Think you have what it takes? If you missed the deadline for this spring, fear not!  The Sheepshead Review is a bi-annual publication accepting submissions from students and writers all over the world.  There is always another chance to have your story make a future fiction staff very happy.

UWGB students in possession of sufficiently silly hats are also invited to join the Fall 2014 Fiction Staff and be a part of the reading and selection process.

IPhoto Credit: Sarah Long

Photo Credit: Sarah Long


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