Launch Recap

We know, we know; the Sheepshead Review launch party is the biggest event of the year, and you missed it.

Or maybe you didn’t, but you’re already missing those galaxy cupcakes and the sweet sound of poetry crooned to you by Sheepshead staff and authors over a microphone.

  If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered.

Listen to readings from the Spring 2014 edition, and an original song by the excellent Greg & Matt who lent their talents to the gathering on our YouTube page here.

Cory Henniges, When They Gave Us Balloons at a Funeral

Craig Evenson, Cat at 4 A.M.

Andrea Reisenauer, Es gibt nur eine Freiheit

Maari Erdman, In the Night Sky

Michelle Mueller, Midnight Runnels

Terri Perkins, NATURAL

David Pring-Mill, Profound Thoughts on Life and Death

Manessa Franklin, Recipe for the Essence of Rootlessness

Jeffrey MacLachlan, Salvation Army

Matt and Greg: Small (Original Music)

Feel free to check them out here: