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Interview with the Spring 2015 Fictio...

To kick off the chunk of time occurring after spring break, I conducted an interview with the Fiction Editor of the Sheepshead Review, Kelsy Rusch to learn more about her role and what led her to join the staff team. Enjoy! Q: Why did you want to be Fiction Editor? Rusch: I’m an older sister […]

Interview with Luke Konkol

Our Fall 2014 issue will be coming out soon filled to the brim with intriguing and entertaining pieces. One of the published writers is our very own Luke Konkol and he was lucky enough to have two pieces accepted! I’m fortunate enough to have a couple classes with the guy and wanted you to learn […]

Meet the Staff: Our New Fiction Edito...

After a successful semester in the Fiction Staff, Tyler Groves, took on the endeavor of becoming our new Fiction Editor. Tyler loves to write fiction and poetry, and when he’s not creating stories, he loves playing the guitar and singing. Other than that, our new editor just enjoys playing video games and hanging out with […]

The Man Behind the Curtain

It’s a new year, and a new Sheepshead Review staff have been chosen! You may be wondering, who’s the lucky one behind the curtain? Well, his name is Roberto Rodriguez. As a junior with senior status, it isn’t difficult to realize how ambitious and committed he is to his new position as Editor-in-Chief. Roberto hopes to use […]

Meet the Staff: Advisor

Even though the Sheepshead Review is a student operation, there’s a more experienced leader holding us all together. She is our guide and inspiration, and provides a sense of direction on the days when all we want to do is drink coffee and watch reruns of “Friends”. Now in her tenth year at UW-Green Bay, Professor […]