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Sheepshead Review is proud to announce, not only do we have Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, we now have an Instagram account. Follow us as the countdown to our October 4 deadline looms closer. The Shepherd

Looking at Submissions

Hi everyone, Our staff is digging into the submissions we’ve gotten from far and wide. Don’t forget you still have time to submit since our deadline is October 4th! We are in need of UWGB student work in all of our categories: Fiction Nonfiction Poetry Visual Arts However, if you’re not a UWGB student, your […]

Welcome Back!

Hi everyone! I hope summer went well. Another school year has found its way back into our lives here at UW- Green Bay and this time it’s big. Our university is celebrating 50 years! Crazy, right? I have a feeling we will have some interesting 50-year themed activities going on here at Sheepshead Review. But for […]

Spring 2015 Rising Phoenix Poetry Win...

Soon the Spring 2015 issue of Sheepshead Review will be hitting Common Grounds Coffee Shop and you, the lovely readers, will get to see all of the hard work we put into picking the right pieces. One of our submitters, Alexander Opgenorth, was lucky enough to have two pieces accepted: “A Time to Steal” and “Last […]

Launch Party Spring 2015

Just letting everyone know we are less than one week away from our Spring 2015 launch party! It will be held in the Common Grounds Coffee Shop from 2:00-4:00 p.m. So feel free to stop in, get some coffee, pick up a journal, and mingle with staffers and submitters. Have a great day, The Shepherd

AWP Conference 2015

Imagine a place filled with like-minded individuals, all in love with literature and writing, surrounded by a football field-sized fair with books, publishers, journals and more books. This is exactly what I experienced during my time at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. last week. Why does AWP matter, […]

Introducing the 2015 Rising Phoenix C...

As final decisions are being made, I thought it would be great to introduce our judges for the 2015 Rising Phoenix Contest. For Short Prose we have Joel Hodgson, who was actually born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin! He is most known for creating Mystery Science Theater 3000. For Novel First Chapter, Nickolas Butler, the author of Shotgun […]

Travel, travel, travel

Over spring break, I traveled to to London to visit my sister, who was studying there for a ten week semester. What I came to realize after my trip was how uncultured I was. Most North Americans are not exposed to different cultures, we tend to think ethnocentrically. In London I was exposed to people […]

Comic Book Adaptations: My Thoughts P...

Here’s part 2 of my review. SPOILERS may follow. “The Flash” 2014-present, CW One of the newest adaptations and a spin off from “Arrow,”  “The Flash,” has been received well by audiences. It stars Grant Gustin (“Glee,” 2011-13) as the titular character Barry Allen. Gustin does an amazing job with his portrayal. He adds just the […]

Comic Book Adaptations: My Thoughts P...

As a huge fan of anything and everything superhero and comic book hero related, I thought that I would touch on the several recent television adaptations and what I think of them regarding the plot and characters. Now I’m not too familiar with a couple of these so I’ll do my best, but remember this […]