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AWP Conference 2015

Imagine a place filled with like-minded individuals, all in love with literature and writing, surrounded by a football field-sized fair with books, publishers, journals and more books. This is exactly what I experienced during my time at the Association of

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Introducing the 2015 Rising Phoenix Contest Judges

As final decisions are being made, I thought it would be great to introduce our judges for the 2015 Rising Phoenix Contest. For Short Prose we have Joel Hodgson, who was actually born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin! He is most

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Travel, travel, travel

Over spring break, I traveled to to London to visit my sister, who was studying there for a ten week semester. What I came to realize after my trip was how uncultured I was. Most North Americans are not exposed

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Comic Book Adaptations: My Thoughts Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my review. SPOILERS may follow. “The Flash” 2014-present, CW One of the newest adaptations and a spin off from “Arrow,”  “The Flash,” has been received well by audiences. It stars Grant Gustin (“Glee,” 2011-13) as the

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Comic Book Adaptations: My Thoughts Part 1

As a huge fan of anything and everything superhero and comic book hero related, I thought that I would touch on the several recent television adaptations and what I think of them regarding the plot and characters. Now I’m not

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We are Making Our Way Through Submissions!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the lovely month of March filled with (hopefully) warmer weather and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I mean, have you had a Shamrock Shake yet? I haven’t but I’m planning on it. I just wanted to update

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Not Always a High Note

When writing, you attempt to come up with a great attention getter that will eventually lead to a epic climax in your story but usually these stories are disconnected from you, they are not nonfiction. Not all writing is fake,

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Our Deadline Has Been Extended!

Our new deadline is February 22nd!  Please send us your Visual Arts, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Rising Phoenix is always in need of submissions, so UWGB students please send us Flash Prose, Novel 1st Chapter, Visual Arts, and Poetry. We really encourage

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Rising Phoenix Now: 2012-14

We have finally reached the most recent issues with the Rising Phoenix Contest. These issues also mark a change in what what put on the cover. As said in the previous post, we decided to not put the Visual Arts

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Once again the most hated or the most loved day has arrived. For those who are stuck hours and miles away from their loved one, this day can drag on. So in order to make those passing minutes fly by

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