A New Venture

Do you find yourself drawn to gazing skyward, grimly pondering the tarry night heavens as your woolly charges mill around you?  So do we.

But mostly we want to introduce our new blog, “The Shepherd”.

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What is The Shepherd you might ask?

The Shepherd is a blog dedicated to the readers and fans of our own Sheepshead Review.  We intend for it to be a regular feature during our spring and fall active periods.  And we hope for it to keep you informed and entertained on those cold winter nights among the lowing flock in the hills of the Iberian Peninsula.

Specifically The Shepherd will consist of five features, tagged individually for your convenience with the wonder of modern technology.

Cry of the Flock

The Sheepshead Review is at its heart a showcase for an excellent group of writers and artists.  We intend to extend that showcase into the digital realm by  featuring formats not possible in a print journal; reminiscing on old favorites; displaying teasers and interviews with creators for upcoming editions; and   possibly even showcasing traditional work from our submission base.

Digital Spotlight

While we at The Shepherd are every bit as entranced by the feeling of cracking open a printed book as the rest of you, we are excited by the new directions media can take with the application of technology.  Our Digital Spotlight seeks to focus on works that take advantage of these new forms, and looks to examine the changes in industry brought about by the existence of digital formats.

The Shepherd Speaks

The Shepherd Speaks is our platform to discuss the inner workings of the magazine, answer questions, and generally just rant about whatever happens to be on our minds.  Think of it as the house editorial.

Distinguished Visitors

Distinguished Visitors is intended to display features and interviews with established professionals in fields relevant to the Sheepshead Review‘s readers and fans.  Expect articles on writers, artists, and people in the publishing industry among others.

Getting Published

The Sheepshead Review is proudly  a part of campus life at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  As we work hard to highlight and nurture our university talent we receive a large number of submissions from writers and artists who have never applied to a magazine before.  We hope to use Getting Published to help these burgeoning talents grow into polished professionals, and help them make sure their submissions are fit to print.

We hope you are as excited as us at this new venture and look to see you around.  Give us a comment if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi.



The Shepherd: Editor in Chief

Patrick Mares

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