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The fall of the Bastille (Wikipedia Commons)

If you want to add media, click on the “Add Media” button above. If you wish text to wrap around your image, such as this, be sure you enter it BEFORE some text as otherwise you may not be able to get the wrap -around impact.

You can also control the size of your image either when you first embed it, or later by hovering over the image and choosing the edit “pencil.”  Perhaps you found an image online that you wish to use and you see no need to save it to your hard drive and to upload it to the site.  Never fear!  There is a way to link out images as well.  Once again go to “add media” being sure to place the image right before the text you wish would wrap around it.  Next you will click on “Insert Url,” which you can find by entering the “image URL” you can find by right-clicking over an image.  Oh no, we have a problem! This image is huge, and, unless we know code, we can’t change the size in the media editor.  Make sure you find small images if you wish to use a URL, otherwise, you may wish to save the image to your computer and upload it to the site to allow you to choose the size you prefer.

Battle at San Domingo (Wikipedia Commons)

Beyond using images, though, you may prefer to use a video that you believe enhances your post — even one you may have made yourself (not expected, but certainly a possiblity!).  Doing this is quite easy in WordPress as it recognizes youtube addresses and allows you to simply cut and page the URL for the video from youtube:

Once again we run into the problem of being unable to change the size of our video without knowing code.  If you know code, feel free to use it! If not, don’t worry, we all know the limitations of this website as designed and we can live with them together.