Check out Cheap Eats! Great Eats at a Low Price

New Low Cost Options at Participating Locations
Check out these economical meal options! Available at the locations specified.
  • Chilaca: 2 Tacos, Chips and Cheese $4.99
  • Garden Café: 2 Hot Dogs for $1.99
  • Marketplace:  5pc Chicken Nuggets, Home Chips and 20oz Soda for $3.89
  • Marketplace: Corn Dog, Home Chips and 20oz Soda for $4.19
  • Grab n Go: Cheese & Sausage Snack Cup $2.99
  • The Grille: Boneless Wings Shaker $3.29

4 Responses to “Check out Cheap Eats! Great Eats at a Low Price”

  1. Steve Wilson Says:

    Literally none of those options are veggieterian or healthy for that matter.

  2. koehlerp Says:

    The dining facilities have vegetarian and healthy options available. Please connect with a member of the culinary staff to identify these options. In addition, we have an on-site dietitian available to answer any nutrition questions you may have. To schedule an appointment with our dietitian, please view the nutrition tab at

  3. Irene Says:

    There are healthy options available, but they are significantly more expensive compared to the meal options above, and there are far more unhealthy food options than healthy.

  4. koehlerp Says:

    Pricing is based on many different factors, including marketing pricing and product availability factors. If you would like to talk to our management regarding pricing, please visit

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