Medicating Society

In current day society, it seems as if there is a medication for the majority of illnesses, sicknesses, or disorders that are present throughout.  For example, when people have a long day at work and get a headache, is it necessary to take Tylenol to cure the pain?  Or do you believe that we, as a society in general, are overdosing on medication (even something as simple as tylenol) and need to cut back?

Mental illness and culture

Are mental illness misdiagnosed when it comes to people in different cultures? Such as, individuals who are taught a certain way and depend on their values are later told that what they have learned is not normal and they get diagnosed with a mental illness. Do you think that clinicians easily misdiagnose this due to the cultural norms we have instilled in us?

Over Diagnosis


In your opinion do we over diagnose to many people who are abnormal to put labels on them, or could this over diagnosing possibly help some people with minor disorders.  In other words do you think some diagnoses can help a person no matter how minuscule their disorder is because they might be able to get treatment?

Action on Autism

Children with autism can receive a lot of help through behavioral therapy.  This is extremely beneficial to the very low functioning children in that it helps them develop means of communication and daily living skills.  Do you think it is more important for us to try and find the “cure” for autism? Or, is it more important to adjust and accept to embrace it?  I just think that sometimes instead of always trying to “cure” disorders with drugs, with a disorder like autism a lot of people can still lead a normal life.  Nobody really knows what ‘normal’ is anyways, so instead of looking for a cure I think we could also focus on education and acceptance.  Thoughts?

Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent Personality Disorder as taught in class is when the individual has difficulty making decisions on their own, excessive need to be taken care off, feels uncomfortable making choices, and needs others to assume responsibility for major areas in life. As being said, when it comes to curtain cultures such as the FLDs in the show Breaking the Faith on TLC; do you feel that those individuals stuck in a certain rigorous culture would be more prone to being diagnosed with this disorder versus others in Christian religion?

Anti- Depressants

Why are people given just anti-depressants without being required to go through some form a therapy too if their has been research shown to prove that the combination of them both work best? Why are individuals not given the best opportunity to get better when their has been research that supports that these two should be done together for the best results?