TA Lecture

The TA class presentation was an extremely anxiety-provoking experience, although it was a tremendous help that I did not have to be up in front by myself.  Though my anxiety continued to remain at a very high level throughout the class, I was able to avoid situations that would have caused it to further increase.  One of my biggest fears was asking the students questions and getting no response back, so thankfully that did not happen.  I was also afraid that I would get in front of the class and forget everything I was supposed to say or have to read directly off of my paper—I found that through extensive rehearsal of the material (and the added benefit that I was previously familiar with both topics) I was able to deliver most of the information despite my anxiety.  I do feel as if I may have skimmed over certain aspects too briefly and I regret not asking for questions following my topics.  Overall I think the class went pretty well, though, personally, certain parts are still fuzzy and hard to remember.  Everyone else did a fantastic job of speaking coherently, engaging the students, and successfully teaching the subjects, making for a great class.

As much as I hate speaking in front of people, I know that experiences such as this one will ultimately help me to feel more comfortable.  I won’t be anxiety-free for my next presentation but continued exposure to these situations will hopefully help me in the long run.

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