“TA Lecture”

On Thursday, all of the TA’s including myself had to prepare, speak, and present on a segment of Abnormal Psychology for the class lecture. I chose to speak on Dissociative Disorders because it has always been a topic that I have found to be particularly interesting. When I was a freshmen sitting in Dr. Gurung’s Intro to Psych. class I remember all of the TA’s having to get up in front of the entire class and talk about specific aspects related to Abnormal Psychology. At the time I remember really being intrigued with this aspect of the class. It was probably one of the greatest aspects of Intro Psych. which motivated me to want to be a TA. I also chose Dissociative Disorders to speak and discuss with the class because when I took Dr. Martin’s Abnormal Psychology class several years ago I was incredibly fascinated and just outright mind blown by these disorders. I couldn’t believe how someone could have upwards as many as 90 different personalities!!! When you are growing up as a kid in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools you learn that people have a personality and that there are often specific traits and temperament styles that accompany these personality types, but one never even considers the possibility that an individual could have more than one personality! So, that is my main reason and justification behind why I chose to teach the class about Dissociative Disorders.

While I was up in front of the class explaining and talking to the students about the different types of Dissociative Disorders, something truly remarkable happened! After talking briefly about the disorders and showing a few video clips ┬ámany students began asking questions regarding Dissociative Disorders. From here it was like the domino effect, other students began asking more and more questions, and before we knew it, I had managed to generate an entire discussion about Dissociative Disorders! I was so happy and pleased by the students responses’ and involvement with these disorders! They were just as interested and intrigued with learning about the disorders as I once was as a Freshmen! I left class that day feeling so triumphant and on top of the world because I had managed to make students not only interested in Dissociative Disorders, which has always been an interest of mine, but I had also made them excited to learn and they weren’t afraid to explore and ask questions… which is always something as a TA you hope and long for! :) Overall, I think it is safe to say that my TA lecture went well and was quite the success amongst the students! :)))

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