TA Lecture

I can finally breathe now and there were thankfully no tears. I thought that everybody did great for their part of the lecture and it went very smoothly.  It was not as bad as I imagined because the students all seemed attentive and respectful.  I thought that we all spoke loudly, clearly, and slowly.  It was fun to see how the students all responded to our questions that we had for them by either raising their hands or answering out loud a question.  I tried my best to walk around, vary my tone and speed of talking, look around the room, and elaborate on words or concepts that I was talking about.

Overall, I felt that it was a great experience and will hopefully help me when I give presentations in front of smaller classrooms since I was able to survive the lecture in front of a lecture hall. I thought everyone did great and I loved the music and singing in the beginning where it helped to get rid of a few nerves.  Music really does help!

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