TA lecture

I can breath a sigh of relief knowing that our presentation is now complete! Leading up to today, I must say I was rather anxious. I spent time picking out a nice outfit and reading through my notes multiple times, I even had my mom quiz me and ask me questions just in case the class had any. It was really nice to listen to some 90s music at the start of class to calm the nerves and increase the mood of the classroom, it was intersting to see how it shifted by playing the music we did. As I sat and watched the girls give thier portion of the presentation, my nerves were building. When it finally came my turn to take to the front of the room, it was nice knowing that Anna was there and that the some of the students were really encouraging and sending smiles my way. I know I fumbled in a spot or two and there is much room for improvement, but I was happy with the way in which it played out; althought saying hours instead of minutes was a bit embarrassing I must say, at least the group got a laugh out of it :) Having this expereince was helpful in that it will better prepare me for the future in the instance that I am to speak to a large group, and be the one answering questions instead of being on the other side. I look forward to viewing the notes that Dr. Gurung has for how I did, but I know that I will be able to take it and make improvements on my level of public speaking.

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