Marcy Jivery, a senior BSW student, will be presenting her research “Gender-Specific Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use” at the ninth annual “Posters in the Rotunda” event on Wednesday, March 7 in Madison. State leaders will view poster presentations of research projects such as Marcy’s, and learn more about how this work enriches their college experience. Academic research on campuses such as UW-Green Bay is said to have major effects on Wisconsin’s economy, and it better prepares students for the 21st century workforce. Marcy is part of a group of 200 undergraduate students and faculty advisors that will fill the Capital Rotunda to share their original research.

BSW student Marcy Jivery examines best-practice interventions for co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use in women. Research supports that cognitive behavioral, harm reduction, and strength-based techniques are applicable and effective. Additionally, trauma-informed care is highlighted as necessary for competency and awareness within social work practice.

Congratulations to Marcy and her faculty advisor, Social Work’s Dr. Jolanda Sallmann.

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