What’s New for Fall 2008 Registration? Anger and Wishes

While we certainly believe in going green, just to make sure you know this blog is not made entirely of recycled material, we want to highlight two new items about registration for Fall. First, Dr. Martin will be teaching an Anger and Aggression Seminar next semester, which will allow students to take an in-depth look at these phenomena. It is a writing emphasis class (capped at 35 students), and although it does not appear in the on-line or paper catalog, it will count as an upper-level elective for Psychology.

Something else that’s new for fall concerns how you register for classes. Remember to familiarize yourself with the new “Wish List” feature in SIS, and keep in mind that simply creating the Wish List will not register you for classes. When your registration appointment time arrives, though, you can use it to attempt to register for all of your course choices at one time. Our supply of magic lamps has run out, so we can’t guarantee all your wishes will be granted, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!