What Is The Pink Flamingo?

We have been writing this electronic newsletter for more than five years now, and we sometimes forget that students may not know what it is or why it has an admittedly strange name. The publication we affectionately refer to as “the PF” is the official newsletter of the HUD and PSYCH units. It’s sent out about once a month to all majors and minors. Co-edited by Drs. Vespia, Martin, and Burns, we try to provide updates on what’s happening in the unit, good news about student and faculty accomplishments, advising assistance, and regular features on topics like careers and graduate school. Why do we call it The Pink Flamingo? Well, you can read the long version of that story by clicking the “PF Legend” link under “Topics” on the side of the blog page. The short answer is that Dr. Illene Cupit brought in the first of what became a whole flock of pink plastic flamingos to decorate the faculty office suite in MAC Hall, and it’s become a sort of mascot for the department. Take a look sometime – you’ll see that most of them are decorated in various ways, and they have been anonymously bestowed upon various faculty members to celebrate special events or just to reflect our own unique sense of humor. And you didn’t even know we had one, did you?