Welcome to the May Issue of the Pink Flamingo

Welcome to the last issue of The Pink Flamingo for the year. We’ll be back during finals week with a little study break/surprise to reveal our trivia winner and to share some other great student updates, but this is the end of our hard-hitting news issues. As we bid a fond farewell to academic year 2009-2010, we want to take this opportunity to thank the tireless team of journalists, photographers, graphic designers, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, magicians, fork-lift operators, and animal trainers who make this esteemed publication possible. We also want to congratulate all of our May and August graduates (keep in touch!) and wish everyone a fabulous summer! In this month’s issue:

  • Summer Classes Still Available
  • Reminder: End of the Year Picnic (i.e., Free Food)!!!
  • Contest: Guess the New Pink Flamingo Editor’s Identity and Win a $10 Gift Certificate!