Welcome to the First Fall Edition of the Pink Flamingo

Welcome back! We know you’re thrilled to see the beginning of a new academic year because, after all, that means more new issues of The Pink Flamingo! Read on to find out what’s on the agenda for PHD Club and Psi Chi, to get great career and grad school tips, to learn what we did on our summer vacation, and to get a healthy dose of our vintage humor – including one of our signature Top 10 lists. This month’s headlines include:

  • Psychology and Human Development Club Walks to Raise Money for Mental Health Awareness

  • Psi Chi News: Pet Therapy, Rock Band, and Maybe Even some Research

  • Human Development and Psychology Welcome New Faculty Members!

  • The Pink Flamingo Opens New Press Office

  • Careers of the Month: September 2008 Edition

  • Career Tip of the Month: Attend the Fall Job/Internship Fair and Career Services’ Workshops

  • Graduate School Tip of the Month: Become a Competitive Graduate School Candidate

  • Health Psychology Lecture on PTSD

  • Special Section: How We Spent Our Summer “Vacation”

  • o GRE Summer Study Group

  • o Students Present at the APA Convention in August

  • o Camp Lloyd a Summer Success

  • Want Ads: Phuture Phoenix Needs You!

  • Top Ten Reasons This Semester Will Be the Best One Yet