Top Ten Reasons This Semester Will Be the Best One Yet

We know you’ve missed it. We know your summer wasn’t the same without it. How did you survive three months without a PF Top Ten list? Well, here it is, our Top Ten Reasons this Semester Will Be the Best One Yet.

10.  Temperature increases associated with global warming mean that, very soon, pink flamingos could be indigenous to Green Bay. 

9.  Two years ago we started with a paper newsletter. Last year we moved it on-line. This year…virtual reality (coming soon). 

8.  Finally, we’ll be able to pay attention to something other than Brett Favre and the Packers like…Brett Favre and the Jets.

7.  High gas prices will make it impossible for faculty to leave campus. In other words, office hours 24-7.

6.  Election year means less TV-watching to avoid the glut of political commercials. As a result, all students will now do their reading and get it done before class!

5.  New Pink Flamingo Press Office guarantees free bowling all the time for anyone who can find it.

4.  Late-night Olympic watching provided perfect training for surviving on less sleep. Term paper all-nighters now won’t be a problem.

3.  Presidential campaign season offers a conversation ice-breaker we can all identify with: “Let’s talk about the geopolitical ramifications of outsourcing major portions of our infrastructure, as well as the potential impact of proposed fiscal policies on the global economy in an uncertain financial market.”

2. New 14-week calendar and class schedule means an extra 5 or 10 minutes of listening to the dulcet tones of your professors lecturing to you – what could be better?!

1. Now that the newsletter editors aren’t anonymous anymore, you know who to insult when you don’t like the Top 10 list.