Top Eleven Best Things about Being a Human Development or Psychology Student

With the Hollywood writers on strike, the Letterman staff might have even more time on their hands to sue us for borrowing their standby, “The Top 10 List,” so we didn’t know how we’d manage to make this issue funny. The creative minds behind the PF came up with a brilliant and radically different solution: The Top 11 List. We figure with the need for writers right now, we’re sure to be snatched up by The Daily Show any day, so enjoy our Top 11 Best Things about Being a Human Development or Psychology Student while you can!

11.  Little need to worry about setting up off-shore bank accounts or the horrible stress that comes with being rich.

10.  Choosing courses is easy – just take the one that’s still available when you register. 

9.  Knowing the difference between the preoperational stage and concrete operational stage of development will make you the life of the party this Thanksgiving. 

8.  You’re more able to console your friends if the Packers ever lose again. 

7.  600 fellow majors and minors pretty much guarantees you’ll make friends.  

6.  Interesting faculty behavior (e.g., decorating plastic flamingos) provides endless opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in Abnormal Psychology.

5.  Background in statistics makes you better able to calculate the odds of graduating in four years.

4.  Two little words: “APA Style.”

3.  Keenly able to differentiate between actual psychology and reverse psychology. 

2.  Can explain to your friends exactly why is not a reliable and valid measure of teacher quality.

1.  The Pink Flamingo…duh.