Top 10 Questions Students Ask During Registration

At first I wasn’t going to be allowed a Top 10 list in this issue. But, we had extra space on this last page so I was given the go ahead by the Editor-in-Chief (I should feel good knowing my Top 10 lists are more valuable than a blank piece of paper).  So, here it goes: The Top 10 questions students ask during Registration. 

10. Why isn’t “cry” listed amongst the things to do when all the classes I want to take are closed? 

9.  Is there any way to find out ahead of time which classes will be canceled when it snows and which ones will not? 

8.  How can I find a Writing Emphasis class that doesn’t actually require any writing?

7.  What do I do if my advisor only holds office hours from 2-4 AM on alternate Tuesdays?

6.  Can my Scuba class be double-counted as a Psychology elective?

5.  I think there’s something wrong with SIS.  It says that all the Human Development classes are full. That can’t be right, can it?

4.  Speaking of SIS, is there a class I can take (and maybe one you can enroll my advisor in, too) that will teach me how to read my Degree Progress Report? 

3.  Is it OK to count 1 SS1 for 1 SS2 provided I take 2 H2s and 2 NPS2s, or will that leave me DOA?

2.  Instead of a candy bar, could the trivia winners be waived into the courses of their choosing?

1.  Could you make sure the Top 10 list is at the beginning of the next issue?  That way I don’t need to read all this other stuff.