This Just In…New Procedure for Declaring a HUM DEV or PSYCH Major or Minor

Anyone hoping to declare a major or minor in Human Development or Psychology will have to use a new procedure beginning this semester. That includes, by the way, any existing Human Development majors who want to add a Psychology minor or major and vice versa. We are now requiring all students to complete a pre-declaration form before we will sign the Academic Plan form you file with the Registrar’s Office. Click here for the Human Development pre-declaration form.
Click here for the Psychology form pre-declaration form.

Keep in mind that your advisor will not sign your major or minor declaration unless you have completed this form. In addition, if you want to declare, let’s say, a Psychology major and Human Development minor, you need to complete both forms. Now, we know you think we are inventing new policies just to torment you, but really, we hope completing the form will help you learn key information about our programs. We also believe that having the completed form will enable your advisor to get to know you better and provide you with better advising services. In fact, already declared majors might consider completing the form anyway and sharing it with their advisor. If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to the Human Development Chair (Dr. Kristin Vespia), the Psychology Chair (Dr. Ryan Martin), or your academic advisor.