This Just In…Dr. Martin Leaving UWGB to Join Professional Bowlers Association

Okay, so if The Fourth Estate can run an April Fool’s Day headline about Favre deciding not to retire, clearly we can include at least one joke headline in our esteemed publication. Truthfully, Dr. Ryan Martin has not decided to leave teaching to take up bowling as a career. He did, however, earn the high score of 187 at the recent P/HD Club Student-Faculty Bowling Night (first runner-up was Office Manager Twila Marquardt with an impressive 169). If you missed the fun, check out the photos below and plan to attend the Club’s next event. And…please notice that Dr. Martin is looking mighty proud holding his bowling ball after a great second game that included two “turkeys” (what we like to call a “flamingo”). Before he gets too excited about joining the PBA ranks, though, we would like to point out that although his second game might have been quite good, he probably wouldn’t win any professional matches with his whopping first game score of…80.

bowling1.JPG      bowling2.JPG      bowlinggroup.JPG