The Top Twelve List

Now that we’re live on the Internet and everything, we realized that we ran the risk of being sued by David Letterman if we kept up our Top Ten lists. Instead, we proudly introduce our first “Top Twelve”:

Like the good scientists we are, before we made the switch to an on-line newsletter, we wanted to test it and make sure it had the same value as the PDF version.  So, we bounced it off a focus group of 20 different Human Development and Psychology majors and minors to get their feedback before we went to press (don’t worry, we worked hard to make sure we had a representative sample and IRB approval). Below are The Top Twelve Comments We Received In Response to the New Blog Format. 

12. I have some concerns about you bringing your childish antics to such a wide audience. Certainly, the University has a policy against this sort of thing.

11. Good work.  Now, just get someone else to write it and you will be all set.

10. With all the construction on campus, it was getting increasingly difficult to come in and pick up my paper copy.  Thanks – now I never have to come in. 

9. Was this approved by The Pink Flamingo Task Force for the Generation of Ideas?

8. Wow, great job!  The rest of the world has been blogging for around 10 years….but…way to catch up.

7. There’s a newsletter?

6. I find the photo of the field filled with plastic flamingos soothing and upsetting at the same time.  Is this a Rorschach test?

5. This is great.  My newsletter deliverer had been on strike for the last 14 months.  You showed him.

4. Can you still call it “going to press” when it’s on-line?

3. As long as it’s interdisciplinary enough, I don’t care how you get it to me.

2. Not reading it on-line somehow seems much better than not reading a paper copy. 

1. It’s nice to be able to cut and paste stupid things that my professor writes directly into