The September 2009 Edition of The Pink Flamingo

We’re back!!!! For those of you new to UW-Green Bay, Human Development, or Psychology, The Pink Flamingo is our official newsletter/blog, which we hope brings you great information nicely spiced with our own peculiar brand of humor. You might think it’s a little odd to have a newsletter named after a bird that wouldn’t exactly feel at home on the frozen tundra, but you’d be wrong. After all, our good friends in Madison (copying us yet again) just voted the plastic flamingo their official city bird (really! See the full story at: Article). Want to know our own departmental history with flamingos and see some interesting decorated ones? Check out our topics menu and click on “PF Legend.” Want to know more about Meet the Faculty Night, a new Human Development travel course to South Africa, ways to get help finding a job, Human Development on Facebook, and the author of “Hooking Up” coming to campus? Well, read on!

  • Meet the Faculty, NAMI Walk, Grad School Series, and a Whole Lot More: Big Plans from P/HD
  • Psi Chi Update: Notes from President Amanda Degeneffe
  • New Faculty Member: Please Welcome Dr. Schnurr
  • Careers of the Month: September 2009 Edition
  • Career Tip of the Month: View the On-Line Job Search Videos and other Great Resources
  • Grad School Tip of the Month: When to Do What
  • Human Development Research Methods is Alive 
  • Join Us on FACEBOOK
  • Breaking News: New Pink Flamingo Editor
  • Relationships on Campus: “Hooking Up,” Breaking Up, and More
  • Same Adviser, New SIS
  • Brett Favre Quits Vikings to Join Human Development
  • New Travel Course Focuses on Human Development in South Africa
  • Heads Up for Camp Lloyd Counselors 2010
  • Don’t Forget!  Take Psych 300, COMM SCI 301, or HUM DEV 302 Early
  • Attend the 2nd Annual ALLY Conference
  • Top Ten List: The Top 10 Reasons There Will Be No Top Ten List This Month