The Pink Flamingo’s Top 10 Signs that Spring Has Arrived

Ah, Wisconsin in April – the mud, the brown grass, the snow flurries – who could ask for more delightful signs of Spring? We could! However, since we can’t really expect blooming flowers or balmy temperatures right now, The Pink Flamingo brings you a funny (we hope) Top 10 list to point out the ways you can tell that Spring really has arrived here on campus in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

10. It’s still 30 degrees outside, but now you are wearing flip flops and shorts instead of boots and sweaters.

9. When you see cars triple-parked in the Sports Center lot, it’s because their drivers were late to class, not because the parking lot lines were completely covered by snow and ice.

8. There is now officially more salt on your dinner at night than there is on the outside of your car.

7. Nobody is excited about the idea of a “snow day” anymore.

6. The Packers have released their 2008 schedule, and you’re already thinking about training camp and the celebration you’ll have for the season-opening victory over the Minnesota Vikings on September 8th.

5. With registration approaching, you are now worrying about the classes you won’t get into next Fall instead of the classes you didn’t get into this Spring.

4. Your professors have stopped pretending there’s enough time left to finish the whole syllabus by the end of the semester.

3. You’ve stopped pretending there’s enough time left to keep up with this silly blog and still finish all of your assigned readings by the end of the semester. (So…you’re going to read the blog, right?)

2. When you say you can’t make it to class because the roads are too bad, it’s because of all the pot holes, not the snow and ice.

1. There are actually live birds on campus again – not just those stupid plastic flamingos outside your professors’ offices.