The Pink Flamingo Opens New Press Office

Those of you new to The Pink Flamingo may not know that for years the editors of this esteemed publication remained safely anonymous by using a system of coded messages, secret meetings, and downright deception. Well…at the end of last semester Drs. Martin and Vespia were revealed as the co-editors of the PF. They have since been besieged by fan mail, requests for autographs, and offers to write for late-night comedy shows – they’ve even been followed by paparazzi eager to learn their most highly-guarded newsletter secrets. For their own safety and so they would have enough time to keep the presses running, they’ve had to open the new off-campus press office pictured below. It’s taken a big chunk out of the newsletter budget, but it’s been worth every penny. After all, they should both be able to bowl a perfect game by the time the next Student-Faculty Bowling Night rolls around (get it? “rolls” around…).


Seriously, though, we’d like to thank Eowyn Waibel, who took this photo over the summer and sent it to us for the blog. If you have any flamingo-related photos or news items you’d like to share, please email them to us, and we’ll try to find a way to give you some well-deserved credit and write a funny story to accompany them. We’ll do better on that last part next time – really.