The Pink Flamingo Mailbox: How Do I Deal with Post-Spring Break Sadness?

As always, we welcome letters from our devoted readers. Here’s a sample of recent bit of mail.


Dear Pink Flamingo,


Every year, I have problems feeling motivated at school after Spring Break.  I don’t really know what to do.  I am supposed to come back all refreshed from my time away from classes, but it never feels that way.  How am I supposed to get through the final six weeks? 



Apathetic in Appleton  


Editors’ Note: At press time there were actually five weeks and four days left in the semester (i.e., 936 hours). 


Dear Apathetic,


Yes, this is a common problem following spring break. Whether you spent your break on the beaches of Honolulu or behind your desk at your full-time job, chances are you didn’t come back refreshed and ready to go but, rather, you are counting the weeks, days, and hours until this semester is over.

We would love to tell you that there is a complex psychobiological explanation for what you are feeling (e.g., some sort of post-vacation hormone imbalance associated with too much sun or too much sleep) but, chances are, it’s pretty simple…you got a taste of the good life, and now you want some more. I also wish I could give you a simple solution but, alas, there isn’t one. You might try what some veteran professors do. They just continue to go to class and give lectures throughout the week (we’re not sure if they notice the changes in class participation) so they don’t feel let down at the end of “break.” You could try something similar. Get up and go to class each day; raise your hand to ask a question (just don’t hurt yourself by keeping it up in the air too long – and don’t expect anyone to answer); make up an extra term paper assignment and pull an all-nighter to get it done in time; then collapse and enjoy your weekend. You’ll come back from “Spring Break” feeling like you do every Monday morning! Of course, maybe that wasn’t what you had in mind…if not, just put on your happy face, grin and bear it, and wait a mere 935 hours and 55 minutes. I bet you’ll feel much better then!