The Pink Flamingo Mailbag

Dear Pink Flamingo, 

I just learned that there’s a national election coming up.  It weird that I haven’t heard about it until now but I guess the media has been more focused on other things… like Honey Boo Boo and bad NFL officiating.  Anyway, I’m one of the many Americans who is still undecided and am wondering if you can give me some help in figuring this out.  Will you be endorsing anyone this year? 


Apathetic in Appleton

Dear Apathetic,

 Actually, The Pink Flamingo has a long history of avoiding endorsements of candidates for public office.  Our feeling has been that we don’t want to tarnish our journalistic credibility by coming out in favor or against particular candidates.  If we had come out and endorsed Thomas Dewey publicly in 1944, for example, we may have alienated his supporters who would never again trust our important updates on course changes or our career advice.  In fact, we checked our archives and learned that our last endorsement was of Rufus King in the 1816 election for President and, as I’m sure you have read, the fallout from that endorsement was very troubling.

 That said, if we were to endorse a candidate for President it would be the one who most closely adhered to the interdisciplinary, problem-focused mission of our university… and I think we all know who that is [wink wink].