The Pink Flamingo Legend: Dr. Wilson-Doenges and the Flamingo Queen

As regular readers know, HUD/PSYCH faculty members like decorating plastic flamingos and leaving them outside their colleagues’ offices (see the PF Legend archive for the story so far). When we last left you, Dr. Martin was being mercilessly teased by his colleagues with a Packer flamingo. However, he persevered, and we at The Pink Flamingo are impressed by his tenacity. In honor of her upcoming February birthday, this month we bring you to the story of Dr. Wilson-Doenges and the Flamingo Queen. 

You see, two years ago, the Chair of the Psychology Department, Dr. Wilson-Doenges, was celebrating an important birthday and expressed an interest in being Queen for the Day.  Never mind that those of us who work for her (i.e., her “underlings”) think of her as the Queen every day.  Her request was granted, as any royal command would be, and she was given the beautiful flamingo displayed here. You will notice that it is complete with a tiara and a sash that reads “Queen Georjeanna.” She was also given a wand that she brandishes when we get out of line, and she has already expressed an interest in being “Empress for the Day” when she hits her next milestone birthday. There’s no need to bow or curtsy the next time you see her, but she may respond if you call her “Your Majesty.”